The Only Platform Created For Veterans That Shows Exactly How To Find, Build, Grow and Scale Your Online Business So You Never Have To Rely On Government Aid or The VA, Again!

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  • Weekly Calls - Each week we'll meet together and go through the best plan of action for you. You can either come out live or schedule a virtual "pop up session" so we can meet in private.  

  • Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales and E-commerce Training - The best and only training online that's specific to Veterans and newer online entrepreneurs.

  • Annual LIVE Events. Let's meet in person! Each year I host a live event that is 98% on me... all you have to do is get there.  

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The 5 Figure E-commerce Strategy 

As I develop new ways to build a better business, I share that exclusively with my CORE100. I don't share this information anywhere else, and you can't Google it or find it on Youtube. 

Selling Direct Sales Like a Pro

Direct sales is the fastest way to build up an income. When it comes to direct selling, if you understand the principles... the opportunities are endless. 

Affiliate Marketing Made Simple

Affiliate marketing allows you to get started without purchasing the products, and without any experience. With the right training, affiliate marketing is a great choice. 

E-commerce 7 Day Store Build Out

I'll help you create your store in 7 days or less. We'll go through your product selection, marketing message and how to set everything up together. 

Sales + Marketing Principles

You'll get to learn the marketing and sales basics. We'll start off with the fundamentals and get more advanced as you start to increase your sales. 

Why Your Follow Up Matters

85% of your buyers are going to purchase after day 90. That shows we must have a bullet proof follow up and solid retargeting campaigns. 

The Mission: 100 Veterans In The Next 12 Months

It's the CORE 100's Mission to help 100 Veterans adopt the skillsets necessary to create an income that'll keep you from relying on government aid.


The CORE 100 focuses mainly on E-commerce, Affiliate and direct sales. As a member you're guaranteed the time you need so you can "open up shop" with a team of experts ready to share their insight. 

Some Of My Results Following What I Share Inside

The Core100.

886 Leads from one campaign @ $1.86 average cost per lead. Filled up my entire founders level from lead base.

The CORE 100 Business Building Formula

Works With or Without Paid Advertising.

Over 24,000 shares, 30K Reactions and and put my brand in front of over a quarter of a million people. 

.ooo3 and less per engagement!

Facebook Ad For Enagement

Leading with value, and creating a business around integrity and solving real problems. 

Building For Your Success

Lead Generation Professional

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As a CORE 100 member, it's my goal to help you identify exactly what you're selling, why you're selling it, and who you're selling to. Plus, I'll be sharing where you can get the best tools and resources to grow your business.


I'm also going to help you get your virtual doors open, make some sales, and set you up with a profitable business that'll start growing month over month, all in less than 60 days


After years of working in the space by myself, I wanted to give back. That's why the CORE 100 was created.


This CORE 100 is your group as much as it is mine, and when we come together to share what's working, you're learning curve gets cut in half and your results come a lot sooner than expected. 

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